Homeopathy For Dogs

Homeopathy For Dogs

Welcome to our natural way of keeping dogs healthy with Homeopathy. Your Canine Homeopathic journey begins now!

Donna, Kate & Mark are Australian Homeopaths with a passion for healing dogs naturally with homeopathy!

Donna Sadzius

Hello and welcome to homeopathy for dogs! I thought you’d like a little background on who is behind our popular Facebook group for dogs. I’ve been offering health and healing the natural way for the...
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Kate Lambrick

Hi, I’m Kate Lambrick. I graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies as a Naturopath and Homeopath in 2002. After practicing for some years I felt driven to further my knowledge and expertise in Homeopathy, so in 2012 I spent...
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Mark Lambrick

Hi, I became a naturopath and homeopath over 30 years ago. So I have been treating people for a long time and spent a couple of years in India as well, furthering my homeopathic skills....
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Dog Blog

Homeopathy for Constipation

Is your dog having trouble with Constipation? Homeopathy can help! We all know what constipation is - it...
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Homeopathy for Tapeworm in Dogs

What is the most common kind of tapeworm? The most common tapeworm of dogs is called Dipylidium caninum....
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Homeopathy for Separation Anxiety

Homeopathy for Separation Anxiety Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Does your dog cry and bark when...
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