Homeopathy For Dogs

Homeopathy For Dogs

Welcome to our natural way of keeping dogs healthy with Homeopathy. Your Canine Homeopathic journey begins now!

Donna and Kate are Australian Homeopaths with a passion for healing dogs naturally with homeopathy!

Homeopathic First Aid for Dogs

Hello and thanks for joining Donna and Kate here on Homeopathy for Dogs. We would like to give you an introduction to helping your dog get homeopathic care in the home, with as many tips...
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Donna Sadzius

Hi there, welcome to homeopathy for dogs! I thought you’d like a little background on who is behind our popular Facebook group for dogs. I’ve been offering health and healing the natural way for the...
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Kate Lambrick

Hi, I’m Kate Lambrick. I graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies as a Naturopath and Homeopath in 2002. After practicing for some years I felt driven to further my knowledge and expertise in Homeopathy, so in 2012 I spent...
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Dog Blog

Homeopathic First Aid Dosage Guide

Learn how to administer homeopathic remedies to your furry friend with our easy-to-follow dosage guide. Discover different methods for giving your dog a dose.
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What is Required for Homeopathic Case-taking?

Learn what details are needed for effective homeopathic case-taking. Use the CLAMS method to gather information and choose the best remedy for your dog's symptoms. If home-prescribing becomes challenging, seek a consultation with Kate and Donna for expert guidance.
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Homeopathic Book Recommendations for Dogs

Homeopathic Book Recommendations for Dogs Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy by Wendy Jensen Homeopathy Care for Cats and...
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Homeopathy for Dry Eye in Dog

Learn about dog dry eye condition, its symptoms, and potential causes. Discover homeopathic remedies to provide relief and improve your dog's eye health. Schedule a consultation for further assistance.
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Homeopathy for Anal Glands

Discover how homeopathy can help with anal gland issues in dogs, providing relief from discomfort and promoting overall health.
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Detoxing Vaccination with Homeopathy

Detoxing Vaccination with Homeopathy If your puppy or dog has already been vaccinated or requires this by law...
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