Detoxing Vaccination with Homeopathy

Detoxing Vaccination with Homeopathy

Detoxing Vaccination with Homeopathy

Homeopathic Vaccination Detoxing for Dogs

If your puppy or dog has already been vaccinated or requires this by law on a regular basis, you may want to use our Clearing Program and Immune Support program to support them through and help clear out any side effects of the vaccines.  The Support Program will help support your dog’s immune system through getting any vaccines you are wanting or needing to administer. This program can be used alongside regular vaccines and if you decide you would like to vaccinate later on, this doesn’t interfere with anything.  

If your dog is showing signs of ill-health post jab (‘ailments from’), it could be well worth your dogs future health in giving our homeopathic detox. Detoxing helps to re-establish balance that has been disturbed by vaccination and promotes detoxification of toxins left behind. It can be used before vaccination, or to mitigate side effects in case of a reaction to a vaccine, or to rebalance any side effects caused by it some time later.

A nicely written article on the side effects of the jabs and various ways to help detox.

If you feel that this is something you need help with, please do book in for a short consult with Donna or Kate and have the kit shipped straight to your door. 

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