Homeopathy for Worms (Helminths)

Homeopathy for Worms (Helminths)

Homeopathy for Worms (Helminths)

Roundworms – Whipworms – Hookworms – Tapeworms

Let’s talk about those pesky (some may say, disgusting) worms. As the full moon approaches, worms become most active. So this is a very opportune time for removing them with homeopathy.

Did you know that pups are often already infected at birth due to the mother passing the worm via the placenta in-utero. The worms can even be passed via the mothers breastmilk.

Homeopathy For Dogs

Usually symptoms begin to occur around 1-2 years of age. First signs can be early morning diarrhoea which can have blood or mucous depending on which worm it is, vomiting, weight loss, dull hair, pot-belly lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, anaemia and occasionally fits. The dog may cough if the roundworms move into the lungs. Often times there are no signs if your dog has tapeworm.

Homeopathy For Dogs Hookworm

You can use an acute remedy at the time of the full moon, but you cannot continue giving that every time a recurrence occurs. The wormy diathesis needs to be broken! This requires the miasmatic remedy and the constitutional remedy to be given.

Note: it can take a few months to break the tendency for the dog to be infected by worms. Roundworms, hookworms & whipworms are passed whole. Tapeworms are passed in segments which you can view in the faeces, a bit like cucumber seeds.

Homeopathy For Dogs Roundworm

4 acute remedies that may come up for consideration

Teucrium Marum Varum: Rectum: itching of anus, constant irritation evening in bed. Sleep: restless, itching causes tossing about. A great deal of tickling/tingling in the nose & frequently rubs.

Spigelia: heart affections with infestations; anaemic; itching of anus, stomach colic-navel area painful; offensive breath.

Cina: urge for scratching; itching of anus; appetite increased or decreased; nose itchy; spasms or jerkiness, convulsions.

Tellurium: threadworms with ring shaped lesions on skin.

Granatum: destroys or expels parasitic worms. Emaciation; Constant hunger with poor digestion; Pain about umbilicus; Itching at anus and back of paws; Cramping, griping, constricting & pinching pain from worms.

This is a snapshot of symptoms, there are more to each remedy of course, but there are also many more remedies that can come up for consideration. It will all depend on the signs and symptoms of your dogs infestation.

For chronic infestations and to remove the wormy diathesis, Book Here

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