Homeopathy First Aid For Dogs

Homeopathy First Aid For Dogs

First Aid for Dogs: We all want the most out of life for our furry best friend. Taking care of their health is our top priority! Making sure they have adequate daily exercise, a quality diet (preferably raw), and natural healthcare that is going to heal rather than suppress, or cause nasty side-effects. 

When it comes to taking care of your dog with homeopathy, there are a few key things to take note of, to help identify the most similar homeopathic medicine to fit the presenting symptoms.

You need to know:

  • Onset – when, where, what was happening (was it a sudden or gradual onset). 
  • Duration – How long has it being going on? 
  • Time of Day – Recurring? When is it worse? When is it better? 
  • Causation – Are the symptoms affected by changes in body, temperature, eating, sleeping, cold, noise, fright, grief, standing, sitting, walking? 
  • Observation – What does it look like, colour, swelling, smell, taste? Sensation – What does it feel like?
  • Location – Is there anything different about other physical areas? Intensity – How strong is the symptom? 
  • Strange, rare and peculiar – What is unusual about the symptom or feeling? Modalities – What makes it better or worse?

From this information we have collected everything that is different from the norm. Once you’ve gathered this information, you will use your first aid kit booklet to read up on the remedy that suits. Most first aid situations will call for a lower potency. More urgent and painful issues may require a higher potency to match the intensity.