Homeopathy for Anal Glands

Homeopathy for Anal Glands

Homeopathy for Anal Glands

If you are a dog owner you may have had some experience in anal gland problems. Anal glands are two small scent glands, located under the skin on either side of the rectum. Anal sac dysfunction is quite common in dogs. The sacs can become impacted (plugged) usually due to inflammation of the ducts. The secretion within the impacted sacs will thicken and the sacs will become swollen and distended. There is usually a very itchy tail end causing the dog to be appear agitated, licking around their bottom or scooting along the ground, and generally feeling very uncomfortable. 

Homeopathy For Dogs Anal Glands

There are multiple maintaining causes involved in an anal gland issue eg diet, parasite load, constipation, and health history. There could be a problem with the anal gland itself, or even a gut flora imbalance. It is a good idea to work with a homeopath to help discover and rectify the underlying causative factor. This would help improve overall health, remove the toxic load, and support the inner balance and resilience. All of this can contribute to resolving this condition, but the main think I’d like to get across, is that Homeopathy is not always the solution here. The remedies may help as we hope, but sometimes we need help from the vet to empty the glands (a contentious issue between Pro and Con groups).

Once the acute crisis is over, a huge consideration needs to be given to the animals activity, internal ‘flora’ and diet. I’ve found dogs are less likely to get infected if they are fed a natural diet with plenty of vegetables (for the fiber, to help empty the glands during defecation). Soft meaty bones given after the evening meal can help greatly with naturally expressing the glands as they defecate.  

4 Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Gland Inflammation

Myristica: This homeopathic remedy is the very best, as a general remedy, for infections in the anal glands. Colloquially known as the ‘surgeons knife’.

Hepar Sulph: This is an excellent remedy for painful abscess anywhere in the body. Often times dogs with anal abscesses are very uncomfortable and in pain. This remedy will help reduce the pain and inflammation and promote drainage of the area and handle the infection that is in it.

Calcarea Sulph: Traditionally been used for symptoms associated with abscesses where there is yellowish discharge. Also for inflammation with thick, yellowish discharge.

Silicea: This remedy should not be given at the same time as Hepar Sulph. It should be given after the anal sacs are not inflamed anymore and the problem seems to be over.

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