Homeopathy for Dry Eye in Dog

Homeopathy for Dry Eye in Dog

Homeopathy for Dry Eye in Dog

Dog dry eye condition is actually quite common.  This can happen when there is an inflammation of the cornea and area surrounding the eye when there isn’t enough liquid tears produced.  These tears are normally produced to clear away anything such as dirt etc that can come in contact with the eye and also provides nutrients and oxygen to the eye.

What are the symptoms?

  • Painful eyes so they will close their eyes or squint.
  • Blink a lot.
  • There may be a yellow discharge.
  • You will most likely see the white of the eye is red as it’s irritated and no tears to help heal the eye.
  • Your dog will most likely be miserable and lying around rather than playing because of the pain.
Homeopathy for Dogs

If left unattended, this condition can irritate the eye and cause ulceration of the cornea so best to get on top of this as soon as possible.  There can also be scarring of the cornea which can affect the eye sight.  This is usually a condition in dogs that are older and although both eyes are usually affected, there may be one worse than the other.

How does this happen?

There are some things that can interfere with the production of tears including:

  • Autoimmune disease where the body attacks the cells that produce tears.  This is believed to be an inherited disease but isn’t well understood.
  • Medication can cause this, in particular any sulphur based drugs.
  • Hypothyroidism or other systemic health conditions.
  • Poor diet that can affect organs such as the liver and pancreas can contribute to this and many many other conditions.

Homeopathy for Dry Eyes

Getting to the root of the problem is always the best way forward.  Finding why this is occurring and resolving any systemic issues is essential or otherwise this condition will continue to recur.  There are however, some remedies you can try for acute flare ups.


This remedy is a great eye remedy and anything that is made worse from any kind of jab.  The eyes appear as red and irritated.  There can be discharge that cause the lids to stick together after sleep as is seen in conjunctivitis.  Worse left side and worse from bright lights.  Better from warmth and covering.


Very irritated eyes, especially in the evening.  Very painful and won’t want to open the eyes as they are worse from any light.  There may be digestive issues alongside dry eyes.  Worse on the right side.


This remedy is for lots of eye conditions and they won’t want to move their eyes so will probably be lying still with eyes closed.  They could be very irritable and even tend towards moments of rage.  Better from warmth, still and probably left alone.  There could again be digestive issues.


This is a great remedy when there is a yellow discharge anywhere in the body so great for dry eyes with discharge.  The dog will feel the eyes are itchy and very irritated so may be constantly trying to scratch with their paws.  They will be miserable but rather than angry more seeking sympathy and cuddles.  Again, they could have digestive issues along side this condition.  These dogs will feel better near fresh air and worse in a warm room. 

Rhus tox

This is a great eye remedy and may occur if your dog also has any joint pain.  There will be yellow discharge.  They will want to be still but there is a restlessness in this remedy that the pain will come on after lying in the one position for a while so they will need to change position every few hours or so. They will want warmth.  Worse when first waking so will need to move for a while to warm up.  Worse from light.

If you find these remedies aren’t working or you want to resolve the reason behind dry eyes, feel free to book an appointment or a free 15 minute chat to see if we’re a good fit.

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