Homeopathy for Ear Mites – a Natural Solution!

Homeopathy for Ear Mites – a Natural Solution!

Ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) can be a very annoying and persistent problem for our dogs. These tiny ear parasites live in the ear canals of many animals. They feed on the skin and ear wax of dogs, and can lead to ear irritation and inflammation.

These mites can cause discomfort, and at times almost constant scratching, which in turn if left untreated, can lead to complications and potentially, a secondary infection from the wounds that the scratching has caused. So it’s best to nip this in the bud instead of having something else to contend with on top of the ear mites!

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What Causes Ear Mites?

Ear mites are generally caused by a decreased vital force in your dog. There are several reasons why this may come about, and one of the top reasons would have to be an incorrect or unbalanced diet. Feeding your dog optimally is the best way to prevent these critters from moving in, so-to-speak. The next or maybe even the most important reason for a weakened immune system is vaccination

Other causes could possibly be allergies, foreign objects in the ear, the shape of the ear canal, or inherited miasmatic tendencies. Ear mites are often identified where there is a discharge that looks dark (possibly bloody) and waxy or crusty. Dogs can be really distressed and miserable with the pain, itching, and inflammation associated with ear mites, and as I said above, secondary bacterial infections can set in after skin damage from the scratching.

Dog Ear Mites Symptoms

Look out for any of these signs if you suspect your dog may have an ear mite infestation:

  • Frequent shaking of the head or rubbing the ears
  • Ear irritation, leading to scratching at the ears or head shaking
  • Discharge or offensive odour coming from the ear canal
  • Redness, swelling, or inflammation of the ear canal
  • Ear discomfort and sensitive to touch
  • There may be hair loss as a result from excessive scratching/rubbing
  • A large blood blister on the ear (aural haematoma), caused by rupture of small blood vessels between the skin and cartilage; from the dog scratching at their ears.

How Long Will it Take to Eradicate Ear Mites?

The life cycle of an ear mite takes approximately 3 weeks for the mite to develop from an egg to an adult. It goes through a total of 5 stages, and adult ear mites can live around 2 months. During this time they continually reproduce, and this is why it is such a difficult critter to eradicate! The entire ear mite life cycle takes place on the host animal, although mites can survive for a limited time in the environment. So getting the right remedy is crucial ….

So we first rid the dog of mites and then build the vital force to prevent mites recurring, with the dogs individual constitutional medicine and do some detoxing where indicated in vaccinated dogs

Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Mites

There are several remedies to assist in clearing ear mites so your dog can remain healthy and happy. Of course it goes without saying, if these acute suggestions fail to act as they are traditionally known to do, it means that your dog needs their deeper acting constitutional remedy to restore their health and vital force.

Sulphur: Known as the chief remedy for itch and itch-like eruptions, which is closely aligned with Psorinum.Ear mites with much itching in the ears, that changes to pain when scratching them. Dirty, offensive, sometimes sour-smelling discharges, dogs who are averse to being bathed. Sulphur can have a feeling as if there is water in the ear, so dog may shake head/flap ears. Burning is a part of the sulphur picture, so dog may feel cool places to lay. Suited to dogs who have an offensive smell, feel hot, with a tendency toward itchy skin eruptions. In fever they will have a hot head and cold feet. There is a strong reaction to vaccines, as well as bad effects from suppression of discharges from the ears. Low vital force with long recovery for minor ailments. Note that you only use Sulphur if the symptoms clearly and absolutely call for sulphur and I always advise this remedy to be used under the guidance of a Homeopath. Otherwise, it may call up a nasty aggravation. 

Apis and Sulphur work very well together for pain and itching. Apis helps relieve the inflammation and swelling caused by the mites irritating the mucous membranes, as well as the oedema and inflammation caused by the constant rubbing and scratching.

homeopathy for ear mites homeopathyfordogs.com

Psorinum: Known as the Scabies nosode. I can’t mention Sulphur without also mentioning Psorinum. So it would be fitting to also consider this remedy (under the guidance of a Homeopath) for ear mites. Discharge of reddish waxy offensive substance from left ear with a biting sensation. Tries to bore into ear with paws. Itching worse during rest. Pain and itching of right ear, and ulceration of left ear. Scratching cause, smarting pain and burnings. Intolerable itching from mites biting. Any eruptions from this will be pustular. Psorinum is chilly, and Sulphur is hot.

Staphysagria: Pediculosis is something Staphysagria helps with, “an infestation of the hairy parts of the body or clothing with the eggs, larvae or adults of lice”. So this could be considered for mites of the ear as well.       Tingling, as if from insects over whole body, esp in morning. Unhealthy skin easily suppurating. Itching, smarting, burning pains. 

Merc Sol: Head lice is common in Mercurius as it is in Staphysagria, so this remedy would also be considered for ear mites, esp since Merc has a great affinity for ear conditions.

Conium: Ear discharges, blood-coloured wax, pus and mucous. Stitching pain in ear. Crusty eruptions. Shootings, and prickling itching in the skin. Swelling of the glands, with tingling and stitches from the ear contusions. Painful inflammation the skin. Pimples form and can become rough, scabby or scaly. Offensive discharges if infected.

Remedies for punctured wounds would need to be considered from the biting of mites. So remedies such as Ledum, Rhus tox, Apis, Caladium, and Hypericum.

If the ear mites have caused an on-going painful ear or an ear infection, a remedy would need to be chosen on the characteristic presentation. Some remedies to consider could be Silica, Pulsatilla, Hepar Sulph, Graphites, Kali Mur, Petroleum, Echinacea, Arsenicum, or Mercurius. 

Ancillary Measures

If any dried material is in the ear canal at the start, tip half a cap full of 3% hydrogen peroxide to help soften things up, and hopefully it will kill off some mites as well. Wipe out gently with a tissue or cotton cloth. If the ear is sore from scratching at it, I like to spray diluted Calendula tincture over the cleaned area to heal any contusions. Next, you can add olive oil or liquid paraffin or Mullien oil at room temperature into the eardrum every second night for 6 weeks. The oil smothers the mites. This can be repeated after 3 weeks if problem still exists.

If after trying the above suggestions you are still having issues with ear mites, please do your dog a favour and book them in for a constitutional consultation so we can work on building up the immune system and essentially, the vital force.

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