Homeopathy for Separation Anxiety

Homeopathy for Separation Anxiety

Homeopathy for Separation Anxiety

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Does your dog cry and bark when you leave home? What about destroying things when you’re not home? Homeopathy can help with this, and if this is an on-going issue, it is best to have a full consultation and have his or her constitutional remedy prescribed as well as the acute remedy needed for ’emergency’ type situations.

Separation anxiety in dogs is a behavioural dysfunction, characterised by a pet’s exaggerated fear of separation from its owner. Luckily, we have several Homeopathic acute medicines that can contribute to balancing out this behaviour during these sudden attacks. I have summarised several remedies further down.

To get to the core of this dysfunction though, we assess the specific characteristics of the dog, considering the things that are influencing the shift in the dogs normal behaviour. Often this type of behaviour is deep-seated and needs the depth and strength of the constitutional medicine to restore balance. With the help of the presenting characteristics, we can analyse the dog’s behaviour to understand more about the particular way in which they have presented with anticipatory anxiety. From this information we can prescribe the most similar homeopathic medicine (the simillimum), also known as the ‘constitutional medicine’.

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We have quite a lot of homeopathic remedies for anxious conditions, and in fact there are over 200 remedies for anxiety. So this is why we need to narrow it down to the presenting characteristics. You could check out a post I did recently on what types of things you need to match to a remedy, so check out the blog here.

Arsenicum have extreme anxiety, which is worse when alone. They have intense restlessness, so they will be the type that is pacing back and forward until you are home to reassure them. They’ll feel relief by being wrapped up and held, which is ok if it’s a small dog!

Phosphorus desires company and has a definite dislike of being alone. The absolute worse thing you could do would be to leave them at home during a thunderstorm. They are sensitive and anxious in general. Better after eating and being rubbed!

Gelsemium is often used for separation anxiety. There may even be diarrhea or involuntary urination when under extreme stress with this dog. The anticipation of any unusual ordeal can send them into aa nervous dread. They’ll be the type wanting to be alone and sit or lie quietly with all the nervousness within, but you may see them trembling!

Pulsatilla dog is for dogs that generally need a lot of attention, and maybe jealous of anyone else getting your attention! They are mostly a nervous type of dog, and are afraid of being left alone. They’re not keen of the dark so leaving them home alone at night without lights could distress them more.

Aconite keynote is Fear-Fright-Anxiety. So you can see why this would be a good remedy for this list! Aconite dogs will be anxious, fearful and worried about this change of circumstances. They can become extremely distressed, frantic, and panic-stricken. This is a great remedy for when their emotions are very intense and are brought on suddenly.

Ignatia may help more your dog who has a nervous temperament and can be moody and depressed with you going out and leaving them home. They’ll be on alert, nervous, apprehensive, rigid and trembling. They may even exhibit an acute grief, feeling that they’ve been abandoned.

Argentum Nitricum is a great remedy when the nervous system is affected especially with anxiety and it can help with a range of fears. They are fearful, anxious, tremulous, and nervous! They have a desire to jump out of windows, so make sure you leave them closed when out!

I’ve added Bismuth mainly because being alone is unbearable. They desire company and stick close to their owner at all times. When left at home alone, they’ll demonstrate their anguish by way of restlessness. Sits still, then walks, then lies, never long in one place.

Constitutional medicines to get to the core of the separation anxiety and to balance this behaviour and help them gain confidence is the best solution. Acute remedies are situational and short-acting, bringing relief at that time only. To book a constitutional consultation click the button below.

I’d love to hear what you have used for your dog’s separation anxiety. Leave us a comment on your success stories!

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