Homeopathy for Timid Dogs

Homeopathy for Timid Dogs

Homeopathy for Timid Dogs

We often have clients coming to us with timid dogs, and especially when they have come from an animal rescue. Other times this can be the dogs innate disposition, and constitutional remedies help the dog gain confidence. Working with a homeopath to assess the life and health history to discover the constitutional homeopathic medicine is needed to help the dog become more settled and social.

There are MANY homeopathic medicines for timidity and shyness, and this graphic has 3 of the top rated ones … as always though, the characteristic presentation of your dog needs to match those of the homeopathic medicine! Below you will find a summary of these 3 remedies as well as others.

A summary of 8 homeopathic remedies with timidity.

Calcarea Carb is a constitutional medicine. These dogs are full of fears, and can feel anxious with great apprehension. They’re also quite submissive on one hand, and then self-willed and obstinate on the other.

Baryta Carb is another constitutional medicine that has extreme shyness and timidity. There is a real lack of confidence, and they are very shy of strangers. They will hide behind furniture or their owner to hide from unknown people.

Pulsatilla is an acute medicine that has an affectionate nature. In general they are extremely mild, gentle, fearful, timid and yielding. They fear being alone, fear the dark, fear men, and fear closed in spaces so crate training might not agree with their temperament.

Lycopodium is a constitutional medicine that is timid yet territorial. They frighten easily and fear being alone, so they’ll want to know that you are close by. Cowardly by nature do not likely to follow through with their threats of aggression.

Ignatia is super sensitive and a very nervous temperament. They can have bad effects from being reprimanded, and could even result in convulsions after punishment. Fright can also affect them profoundly where you’ll find them with a fixed stare. They prefer being alone.

Ambra Grisea is a homeopathic medicine that has extreme nervous hypersensitiveness. They are bashful, so dread people and prefer to be alone. They are intensely shy and won’t do anything if someone is watching, so I would say they would eat when alone.

Graphites is another of our timid homeopathic medicines that is easily frightened. If reprimanded once, they will never forget and will end up with a yielding nature. Overall, yielding, mild, timid but now cowardly like lycopodium.

Silica has a ‘mild’ nature, yet can be very stubborn, but overall they are extremely yielding and timid. They don’t like crowds and can get quite anxious from this. They’re also very sensitive to noise!

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