Homeopathy for Tooth Tartar

Homeopathy for Tooth Tartar

Tooth tartar can be difficult to control in dogs and humans. Fortunately, Homeopathy offers remedies that can assist with tartar control and removal. There are approximately 20 remedies that have traditionally been effective for this purpose. The most suitable remedy for your specific case of tartar would need to be taken in conjunction with the miasmatic remedy, which addresses the tendency to develop tartar, as well as the constitutional remedy, which benefits your dog’s overall body and temperament. This combined approach can help prevent tartar formation and potentially reduce existing tartar.


Preventing tooth decay requires effectively managing plaque and tartar. If allowed to accumulate and solidify into calculus, plaque can hinder saliva’s protective and remineralizing functions on the tooth surface. This can lead to enamel weakening and the onset of decay.

Homeopathy provides alternative options for tooth tartar, which can help avoid a visit to the vet surgery. Here is a Dr Burnett clinical observation from my materia medica – when Bacillinum was given to children with serious conditions, the tartar disappeared. Dr Burnett also tried it on himself and his own tartar disappeared.

Here are a few homeopathic remedies that may prevent or reduce plaque and tartar.

Fragaria Vesca: Acts on digestion. Prevents formation of calculi, removes tartar from teeth. Discourages the formation of dental calculus (tartar), causes existing calculus to soften (so that it may be more easily removed by scaling), and may even induce its spontaneous disappearance.

Calcarea Renalis: this remedy arrests the formation of renal calculi. The description in the materia medica states that the gums detach from teeth. Teeth, tartar on.

Silica Marina: Cooper reports the case of a child age 4 was given Silica Mar 6X who had “a thick mass of tartar which had accumulated behind the front teeth came away in flakes”.  Murphy’s Materia Medica 3rd Ed.

Arsenicum Album: is one of the 2 top remedies for tooth tartar!

Mezereum: this remedy is good if there is any roughness after tartar scraping, or any aggravation after tartar scraping.

Calendula tincture: is great to use as a mouthwash as it reduces plaque and improves gingivitis, even in the absence of scaling. As we obviously can’t get dogs to spit out, you would dilute drops in a spoonful of water and brush over clean teeth daily.

Plantago tincture: another very useful tincture for gum health (periodontitis), sensitive teeth, and tooth decay. You would dilute drops in a spoonful of water and brush over clean teeth daily.

Other remedies worth considering in tooth tartar are: Mercurius, Phosphorus, Silica, Plumbum, Asclepin, Carboneum-s, Chinchona, Chinium-S, Epiphegus, Mercurius-su, Pitutaria-a, Porcelanum-m, Thea, Thuja, Tuberculinum.

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