Homeopathy For Dogs

Mark Lambrick

Hi, I became a naturopath and homeopath over 30 years ago. So I have been treating people for a long time and spent a couple of years in India as well, furthering my homeopathic skills. Naturally I have also treated my family as well as my pets. Some years ago, one of my dogs became very sick from a paralysis tick and if it wasn’t for homeopathy she wouldn’t be around today. The morning after we began treatment she had recovered significantly while her full recovery took longer. Following this, at times she had bursts of manic behaviour which only settled after a dose of Ledum.

Finding accurate constitutional prescriptions for dogs has also been a satisfying challenge and in our current social climate, homeopathy continues to touch difficulties conventional medicine can’t. Especially when there are more questions around what is wrong with your dog than there are answers. I love these cases which confound modern medicine. But more than this I love treating dogs who struggle with pain or anxiety. It is such a pleasure to see them on the other side of these trials. Treating animals is also not too dissimilar to treating humans and is immensely satisfying when you see this as them being settled and content. To see their spark return or their anxiety settle is priceless.