We’re an online homeopathic consultation service to help with your dogs health challenges and return vitality. Also available are eBooks, kits & detoxes.

R-Vaccine Detox Protocol for mandated countries. Detoxing pharmaceutical drugs as a precaution or after a reaction.

Homeopathy For Dogs recommends the Detoxing Kit for pharmaceutical drugs. Help to remove toxic remnants of potentially nasty adjuvants given routinely to dogs in mandated countries. Reduce the the risk of serious side- effects gently and naturally.


We would like to help your dog with health challenges and to restore their health and vitality. This particular detox requires the constitutional and miasmatic remedy prior to starting the detox. Please use this link to book this consultation in first: https://donnasadzius-appointments.as.me/initial-consultation



4 x 4 gm R-V- Detox pillules (4 potencies)

4 x 4 gm Bone Marrow pillules (4 potencies)

4 x 4 gm Blood Cleanser pillules (4 potencies)

Plus the Miasmatic & Constitutional remedies



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