What is Required for Homeopathic Case-taking?

What is Required for Homeopathic Case-taking?

What is Required for Homeopathic Case-taking?

Here are the steps for a home-prescriber to gather information for making a totality of symptoms. With this information the homeopathic remedy will be chosen by matching the characteristics of the dog, to a remedy that has similar characteristics.

You can make use of CLAMS to give you as much information as possible to help choose the most similar remedy for your dog.

Your CLAMS list could look something like as follows:

C: Ear itchiness with yellow eye discharge, and pain

L: Ear: right side

A: Swimming in a dam

M: Better staying warm, worse touching ear

S: Oversensitive to everything

Complaint/Concomitant: What is the complaint and does it have a concomitant? i.e. Dog has itchy eyes and a yellow runny nose. Concomitants are symptoms that go together, or follows the other eg. Sneezing with runny nose and yellow discharge.

Location: It’s the dogs right ear and the itchiness is in the right ear only now, but started on the left side first.

Aetiology: What caused it? eg. My dog had a hydrobath or … My dog rolled in a muddy puddle etc.

Modality: What makes it better/worse? eg. It seems relieved if I give him a scratch around the ear, or when he is laying on that side, or when he is out in the fresh air.

Sensation: How is your dog experiencing the itchiness? This is a hard one with dogs as they can’t tell us how they feel, so we observe their reactions etc Whimpering, whiney, clingy, licking, biting etc. and this should guide us enough as we all have a good idea of what various characteristics indicate in our own dogs.

Homeopathy for Dogs

If you find home-prescribing too difficult to do on your own, Kate and Donna are available for acute (and chronic/constitutional) consultations. This is especially evident when you have used at least three remedies which have not given any relief. This is the time to call in the Homeopath as they’re able to evaluate the situation as a whole and then see which remedy is required.

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